Robotech Girls Online

October 13 and 14, 2020

This show is aimed particularly at middle school girls in 4th year classes and high school girls in 2nd year classes and will allow them to explore some aspects of digital technology and to discover robotics, technology and digital professions.

They will find:

Testimonials from women working in technology and digital technology (Hager, Clemessy, Systancia, Orange, Cryostar, Grand-Enov, etc.)

Information on school and university training courses

Inspirational videos that talk about professions (Data scientist, developer, community manager …) Examples of college and high school initiatives to introduce robotics

Season 1 made it possible to connect 250 middle and high school girls from the Grand Est region with a dozen companies from Tech, Robotics or digital. Sectors that offer many career opportunities where women are still too few in number: only 13% in digital, for example, if we remove positions in support functions to focus on the core business.