DigiTeRRI at the Elles Bougent organization´s SMART CITIES WEEK, Grand Est, France.

The Association ELLES BOUGENT led by its Lorraine Delegation, under its commitment to greater gender diversity in companies in the industrial and technological sectors in France, is presenting in co-organization with ENSGSI and BATIGERE the SMART CITIES WEEK, from the 11th to the 15th of October at several regions.

The event is aimed for middle school and high school students with the objective of encouraging young girls to drive their professional career in the industrial, scientific, and technology sectors.

Within the framework of the Smart and Sustainable City of the future, more that 160 organizations from the region will be part of this event by presenting related jobs in the different industries and involving participants into their projects, developments, and innovations. The event is also an opportunity to motivate the exchange between high school girls, students, professionals, and engineering godmothers Elles Bougent.

Main topics of the event:
· Smart City Ecology
· Smart City Mobility
· Smart City Environment
· Smart City Tech
· Smart City Nuclear / Energy
· Smart City BTP
· Smart City e-services and e-administrations

This large-scale event involves the participation of 4 Lorraine departments, 3 economic regions from France, 8 high schools, 7 engineering schools, 160 high school girls, 8 companies, and 20 Elles Bougent speakers and partner companies.

Under the Smart and Sustainable City of the future technological framework, DigiTeRRI is participating in this event at the cities of Nancy and Metz, with the mission to transmit the relevance of the RRI approaches to the industry’s leaders of the future, in the maximization of the I&D results and impact to the cities of tomorrow.

To know more about this event, visit the website: https://www.ellesbougent.com/