Incubator exchange & training for international online fairs

The aim of the DigiTeRRI action was to develop digital awareness programs and encourage start-up to get handy with the digital environment. Network interface between entrepreneurs with compatible interests and to promote and to support international market expansion efforts. Promoting digital processes in business management and technical cooperation between companies, or expanding digital opportunities to ensure the economic strength of the regions. The cross regional Incubator network supports the development of the digital transformation of the regions through their collaboration.

This event was the first joint action within the framework of the international incubator exchange of the DigiTeRRI regions. The event was supported by presentations from the companies dMAS, HyHyve, FAIRSNEXT and MEETYOO. The exhibitors of the training learned which formats are available for online events. The companies dMAS, HyHyve, FAIRSNEXT and MEETYOO shared their expert tips in lectures and on the training fair direct to the exhibitors.

Participants from all over Europe were invited to take part, with the main focus on the DigiTeRRI regions. The event format was a complete success and the participants were enthusiastic throughout, no matter if they were experts or exhibitors or simple visitors of the online fair.

The speakers’ presentations can be found in the cinema of the after-event exhibition online show room. (see link below)

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