DigiTeRRI Digital Cooperation Day

 The H2020 Project DigiTeRRI supports the 3 European territories Grand EST, Värmland and Styria in the transition to digital regions. One success factor was seen by all three territories that EUROPEAN stakeholders come together and exchange on science &research, education and business, or public administration to manage the transition and create innovation together. 

The Styrian team of DigiTeRRI organizes a “Digital Cooperation Day 2022”, which offers stakeholders from European regions the opportunity to meet in a structured way and exchange ideas in person. The goal of the event is to host as many cooperation meetings as possible. The meetings will take place in a dedicated online space and will be organized in advance via this website. 

Topics addressed 

  • Digitalisation transition of territories 
  • Build up knowledge and skills
  • Create new technical solution by cooperation 
  • Create new services by cooperation 
  • Reach new responsible innovation for metallurgy, steel making, manufacturing & logistics 
  • Research new digital innovation for agriculture, food, wood and paper production 
  • Research cooperation on digital developments 
  • Technology and Knowledge Transfer 

Why participate? 

  • As a researcher – find partners for interesting cooperation projects 
  • As a lecturer or teacher – find interesting partners for international training programs and exchange actions 
  • As a company – find interesting co-operations partners from other European territories 
  • As a service provider– find interesting business opportunities 
  • As product developer – find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions 
  • As a public administrator or regional developer – find other European partners for territorial development initiatives 

Please register at https://digiterri-digital-cooperation-day.b2match.io/ to meet interesting people from other territories. 

Enter your profile in marketplace to show your expertise and interests. You can also find out about the three steps “Register, Select Partner and Meet” and the dates for your individual meetings. 

For more information on the “Digital Cooperation Day 2022 powered by DigiTeRRI” event, please visit the website.