For a responsible, inclusive and societal digitalisation of the Grand Est, a new lever for socio-economic performance – Feedback on the “building a roadmap

workshop, April 2021

The European project DigiTeRRI of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation (R&I) programme aims to support the actors of the R&I ecosystem in the broadest sense, directly impacted by the digital transition, by integrating more responsible strategies or actions by imbibing the European RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) approach based on 6 key concepts: public commitment, gender equality, education in science, free access to data and knowledge, ethics and governance

The digital transition is unavoidable and is becoming a real societal issue because it impacts all citizens. This accelerated digitalisation responds to a need to improve the attractiveness of our territory, the competitiveness of our industry and businesses, which must be the best possible in the face of Asia and America. Finally, let us not forget the specificity of Europe, which aims to strengthen its digital sovereignty through an ethical and inclusive approach in which knowledge is accessible to as many people as possible, and in which the dialogue between science, society and decision-makers is as fluid as possible.

As a result, all the players must rethink their approach, their thinking, and their mode of collaboration, in order to build a more sustainable model and think about societal impacts, so that the results are in line with society’s values.

Thus, the RRI approach must be considered as a tool for socio-economic performance and sustainable growth: “RRI is to innovation what CSR is to production”.

From a methodological point of view, the DigiTeRRI project is built in several stages: building a vision for our territory, developing a roadmap, a strategic action plan and deploying actions that are built with committed actors.

The actions will have an impact on future public policies.

 The vision represented below is based on the contributions of the participants of the workshop of 16 December 2020.

The last two sessions dedicated to the construction of a roadmap brought together more than 50 actors representing the “quadruple helix” (education, research, business, civil society, public administration), whom we thank warmly.

Many ideas and contributions will be used to draw up a roadmap.

A summary document is being prepared and will be made public this summer.

To find out more about this workshop, access the replays of the two sessions of 1 and 22 April 2021:

Session of 1 April:

Session of 22 April:

Access the summaries and replay of the 1st webinar presenting the project, the RRI concept and the 1st workshop dedicated to building a vision.


At the Grand Est level, 3 actors are leading this project and mobilising the actors: Matéralia (partner), Université de Lorraine (partner) and Grand Enov+ (coordinator at the Grand Est level)


For any request or participation in the project, please contact Stéphanie Toussaint, Grand Enov+ project manager


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