DIGITERRI PROJECT UPDATE: One step closer to success

It is time for our review of the year at DigiTeRRI, looking back on what we achieved over the past twelve months while also looking forward to how to advance the project in 2021. 

No one can dispute that Covid-19 has been hugely disruptive this past year. However, if one positive note can be gleaned from the pandemic it is that it has raised awareness about the need to get the digitalization process off the ground, not just industrially but also at a social level. With the spotlight falling sharply on digital industry, DigiTeRRI’s work has become even more relevant.  

So, we held a meeting to bring the Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) up to speed. Each work package leader presented the various developments accomplished in their particular area of the project and got precious constructive feedback for the coming year. The SAB’s report listing all of their recommendations will help us make all the appropriate tweaks to enhance the outcome of the project.  

We are delighted to report that all of our work over the past year received a very positive appraisal. The SAB acknowledged that we made great progress despite all the adverse events 2020 had to offer. For instance, they greatly appreciated our efforts in mapping the good practices implemented in the DigiTeRRI territories to help propel the transition from traditional industry to digital industry.  

All in all, they were impressed with our work, both in project management and communication.