Digital Marketing & Digital Platforms

In the roadmap stakeholder discussion, the future goals of the stakeholders were elaborated in two workshops. One of them is to deepen the knowledge on the topic of “digital marketing” in social media and the possibility of implementing digital marketing in digital platforms in the region. Through search work, several offers for platform implementations were found, these platforms were  presented. In the online workshop on “digital marketing” and “digital platforms”, these two topics were presented and discussed. The seminar addressed the state of the art in social media marketing, marketing via platforms and offered the participants an exchange of experiences and “best practice”. 

The speakers emphasised that one challenge is to achieve acceptance of the platforms and another challenge is to motivate users for such platforms. Today we have very specific solutions for individual needs. It is recommended by the speakers to keep an eye on the developments in order to find the optimal solution for individual needs. The digital tools implemented in the platforms create benefits and increasingly acceptance by the user. Marketing specialists help to find a suitable basic setting for the individual needs of companies and organisations. New platform developments can be taken into account when setting up the account. Regional marketing platforms also offer specific information. In the final open discussion, the experts confirmed that digital marketing and the use of platforms for regional marketing will be an important future trend and must be strengthened in order to achieve digital transformation.   

We thank all speakers for sharing their knowledge on digital marketing and the use of digital platforms to communicate with stakeholders. In this way, they are making an important contribution to the progress of the societal transformation towards a hybrid digital future.